Studio & Yoga Etiquette 

As a yogi, it is important to know that we promote a peaceful and respectful atmosphere. Please read the following;

  • Front Row; the front row sets the tone for the class and if you do go up the front, we ask you to lead by example. We need focused and disciplined yogis in the front row. So if it is your first few classes, if you have an injury or you’re just not feeling 100% please set your mat in the second or third row.
  • Silence; please respect your Teacher and fellow practitioners. There is no talking, loud noises before, during and after class. The Yoga room is a sacred space for relaxing and meditating.
  • Personal belongings; please leave everything outside the yoga room, (this includes cell phones, bags, excessive jewellery, shoes); The only items permitted in the yoga room are your mat, towel, water and locker key.
  • Scents; We ecourage students not to wear strong perfume or moisturizer. If you are wearing, please rinse off before class.
  • Water; please drink water in between postures. 
  • Class starts on time, everytime; please respect class timing, teacher and fellow practitioners. Late arrivals will not be permitted.
  • What to wear; Wear whatever you feel comfortable sweating in. It is advised to wear gym shorts and a top.
  • Sweat; your sweat is your body’s way of cooling down, allow it to happen. Do not wipe your sweat, you will only make your body work harder.
  • Leave no trace; please take your tissues, mats, towels and water bottles with you when you leave.